Tuesday, May 19, 2015

New Crystal Green release--SUGARBABY!

It's release day for Crystal Green! The next book in the Aidan Falls new adult romance series is out today, so say hi to SUGARBABY!

Here's what it's about...
Hasn’t anyone heard the saying “nobody’s perfect”? Apparently, a lot of people in my hometown of Aidan Falls haven’t...
Don’t get me wrong. Most of the locals here are perfectly nice. But certain close-minded ex-classmates have a problem with the fact that I cheated on my jock-star football boyfriend on one drunk, stupid night. And no one likes to see a local hero embarrassed.
But everything changed when I accidentally sent a “sext” to the wrong number—and ended up sharing some flirty exchanges. So when the mysterious, sexy Noah Reeves shows up at my job, I’m a bit shocked.
You see, Noah’s a billionaire businessman who famously disappeared after a competitor kicked him out of his own family’s company. Why would he want to meet me? I don’t see anything special in the mirror.
But Noah may just be able to disprove the old adage that mirrors don’t lie…
It was fun to write about this mysterious billionaire who answers the accidental text Jadyn sends, but Aidan Falls also has its own version of a Hellfire Club that was introduced in WHISPER. You'll also read about Carley and Bret's continuing romance *from* WHISPER!


Friday, May 01, 2015

Book Boyfriends Cafe Hot and Swoon Worthy!

Happy Friday!

I’m a part of a Hot and Swoon Worthy blog hop with Book Boyfriends Café! Here’s the deal: we need to post an exchange that includes a swoon worthy line from the hero, so I thought this little piece from my urban fantasy romance, SHADOWS TILL SUNRISE, would do the trick…

“This time,” he whispered, threading his fingers through my hair, “I’m gonna get this out of the way.”
As he crushed his lips to mine, I grabbed at his shirt, fisting it. My body went limp as he slowly kissed me, making my bones turn to clay, just as if I were ready to be shaped any way he wanted me.
His lips were full, soft, and I answered him with as much languid fervor as he was giving me while he bunched his fingers in my hair, his other hand slipping to my waist and grasping it. As he slid his tongue into my mouth, I pressed against him. I might have even made a small, agitated sound when he ended the kiss, his mouth less than an inch from mine, so close that I could feel every warm word echo against me.
“Now,” he whispered, “I can concentrate with a clear head, cher.”
And, with that, Philippe Angier set me back on my feet, tweaking my chin and walking away.

A Bad Girl Trying To Do Good

Lilly Meratoliage used to be a villain—a ruthless guard for a power-hungry family who worshipped monsters. Burned in a fire as punishment after a failed mission, she was left scarred and desolate. Now, healed by a bayou witch who has given Lilly a pair of white magic boots, Lilly is ready for redemption, charged with tracking down a phantom who has already killed twice and is aiming to add to his list. It’s just too bad those charmed boots must feed off Lilly, robbing her of her short-term memory every night in order to keep them both strong. And it’s too bad that she’ll need to work side-by-side with a man who has already betrayed her…

A Tormented Hero Who Can’t Let Go of the Past

Psychic Philippe Angier is haunted by visions of these paranormal killings that have darkened his hometown of New Orleans, and he wants to catch up with this murderer who seems as if he’s stepped out of the past to challenge his victims to bloody duels. But to catch a phantom, Philippe needs Lilly’s stealth and fighting skills. What he doesn’t need is the attraction he still feels for her, even though he once deceived her during a previous adventure.

But charming Philippe is winning Lilly over hour by ticking hour, even if those boots are going to erase her memory again at sunrise, turning him into just another stranger...

Will the magic and the phantom beat them before the sun comes up or will star-crossed love win out?

SHADOWS TILL SUNRISE is available at:

Wednesday, April 08, 2015

ParaYourNormal Blog Visit!

Today, I'm a guest over at the ParaYourNormal blog. If you're curious about what it was like to write about a ghost, this is the place to look. I'll be there later in the day to answer questions and interact with comments, so this is where you go!


Tuesday, April 07, 2015

EVERY BREATH YOU TAKE, Ghost for Hire 3 today!

Release Day for EVERY BREATH YOU TAKE--Jensen Murphy, Ghost for Hire, Book 3!
Ever wonder what happens after you die? Well, as a ghost, I could tell you—and the truth is much stranger than anything you could imagine…
I never accomplished much when I was alive. As an average eighties California beach bum, I, Jensen Murphy, didn’t have any direction. But since I’ve joined Boo World, I’ve found a calling. Now, I’m a supernatural investigator, using my ghostly skills to spook confessions out of bad guys.
But being a paranormal PI is taking its toll. Spirits are hounding me for justice day and night, and now, a ghost hunting TV show is digging up dirt on my unsavory demise that I’d rather keep buried. Worst of all, a seriously evil specter is making my afterlife hell by hurting the people and ghosts I care about. To stop him, I’ll need assistance from a higher power—only the price I’ll have to pay for that help could be my very soul…

Friday, April 03, 2015

Join my Street Team!

I did it--I finally created a street team!
If you read books by either of my pen names (Chris Marie Green and/or Crystal Green), I invite you to join me in this closed group. It's closed because I'd love to share things with you about my work that aren't necessarily meant for public consumption, such as details about my works in progress. The team will also be a sounding board for ideas for titles, stories, covers, and all that fun stuff, so you'll be an important part of the community.
We're building from the ground up, so be one of the first to join!

Join the few, the proud...the street team.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Look what's out today! HOT AND BOTHERED is book 3 in the Rough and Tumble hot contemporary romance series...

On the dusty outskirts of Vegas, there’s a down and dirty saloon where all sorts of lethally charming—and genuinely dangerous—men carouse to seduce the women who happen to venture inside on their way to and from Sin City.

Despite the many women he’s bedded over the years, Gideon Lane has never been able to get Rochelle Burton completely out of his head. He certainly never expected to see the city girl again, now a successful author, all grown up in all the right places and asking for his protection.

After their disastrous night together, Rochelle was determined to put Gideon—and the things he made her want—far behind her. But when an obsessive fan expresses their anger over her latest book in a disturbing way, Rochelle’s overprotective cousins insist she hire the best bodyguard the Rough & Tumble saloon can offer.

Both Rochelle and Gideon intend to keep their relationship strictly professional, but when the threat to Rochelle puts them in close quarters , Gideon can’t help wanting the chance to prove that some things are better the second time around…

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For more, including an excerpt, visit the Rough and Tumble page!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

HONEYTRAP released today!

**Release Day**!!!

Finally, Honeytrap (Aidan Falls, book 1) is out under my Crystal Green name. This series has been fun because I get to fool around with the concept of how technology can mess with romance. I also had a great time with using DANGEROUS LIAISONS as an inspiration, working it into a FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS kind of world. ;)

After Shelby ruthlessly calls out her cheating ex-boyfriend, the hometown hero, she returns to Aidan Falls, just wanting to keep her head down. Then along comes Micah Wyatt, who isn’t shy about wanting to trap her in a bet he's made to get her under the sheets.

She knows Micah is bad, but that doesn’t make him easier to resist—she’s had a taste of bad before, and she liked it way too much…