Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Cover Reveal for second Ghost for Hire book!

Coming in November!!!

Thursday, April 03, 2014

She Code April Fool's Contest Winners!

Thanks to all who entered. :) The $25 Amazon gift certificate went to Marie Andreas. The 6 book bundle to Heather Ellner. The 4 book bundle to Michelle Willms  

Thank you for the entries, and happy reading!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Tucson Festival of Books Workshop: The Publishing Pact

Hi, again!

Thank you for coming to this workshop, too! :)
I promised that I would post the critique partner assessment worksheet questions, so here you go. Judy and I wish you all the good fortune in the world in your search to be published!

·      How long have you been writing?

·      What level fiction writer would you consider yourself: Beginner, intermediate, or advanced?
·      How many manuscripts have you completed?

·      Which genres do you read most often? (For example: Romance, women’s fiction, mystery, science fiction)

·      If you write romance, which subgenre do you write? (Note: on this question and the next two, tweak to fit your own choice of subgenre.)

·      What is your least favorite genre of romance to read?

·      Are you willing to read a subgenre of romance or type of fiction you don’t normally read in order to be a better critique partner?

·      In order, beginning with the first category, circle your personal strengths:
-       Characterization
-       Plotting
-       Grammar
-       GMC (Goal, Motivation, Conflict)
-       Setting
-       Dialogue
-       Internalization

·      How many writing conferences have you attended?
-       0-1
-       2-3
-       4 or more

·      How many writing loops do you take part in?
-       0-1
-       2-3
-       4 or more

·      On a scale of 1 to 5, how badly do you want to publish?
1 ( could take it or leave it.)
2 (It would be nice.)
3 (I’ve always dreamed of publishing.)
4 (I’m very serious about honing my craft and submitting.)
5 (I’m willing to make sacrifices and do whatever it takes.)

·      What things are you looking for in a critique partner? (For example: Someone with similar talent, similar dreams, similar level of accomplishments. Or maybe someone to cheer me on, someone who brings something new and unique to the group.)

·      Are you willing to use email and Skype calls in lieu of regular meetings?

·      How often are you willing to take part in meetings?

Tucson Festival of Books Workshop: How Authors Use Settings - Questions


If you were in this workshop today, thank you! And here's a list of the world building questions. Best of luck, and have fun with that setting!

-       What kind of people/creatures populate your world?  Superficially, how do you tell them apart (fashions, daily routines, etc.)?  Digging deeper, what are some of the more significant differences?  (Religions, beliefs)

-       Caste systems/social standings?

-       What controls the society in this world?  How are the people/creatures kept in line?  Or are they kept in line?  What are the crimes that normally occur and the punishments?  How about religion? (Why does this religion exist?)

-       Weather, etc.  Is your world tropical?  Cold?  How do the buildings and structures suit the needs of the climate? Nature—do the surroundings provide nourishment for your characters? (And what kind of nourishment do they need?  Do they need any sort of clothing/accessories to protect them from nature?)

-       How do your people/creatures communicate?

-       Currency system—what is valuable in this world?

-       Holidays—what do your characters celebrate?  Why?  What do you want to feature in your book?

-       Past times—music, arts, entertainment?

-       Physics of the world?

-       Old grudges that tribes or families might hold against one another?

-       History of your world—why does the world/town/family unit exist? What function does it have?  What does your town/family/city center around?  If the people/creatures who came out on the short end of the stick in your world’s history could tell you their version, what would it sound like?

Monday, March 10, 2014

Tigermonkey Awesome Review on YouTube!

This is awesome! Over on YouTube, Tigermonkey reviewed ONLY THE GOOD DIE YOUNG. He really liked it and compared it to Buffy, which is the highest of compliments. Also, there's The Best Reenactment of a Scene in One of My Books Ever--I was cracking up. Hope you love it, too!

Monday, March 03, 2014

Big Contest!

Ready for a great, big contest?


How to enter:

First, you enter the contest I'm holding over at my Facebook She Code page at  All you have to do is comment on the post about **one dating or romance rule you stick by in life** (just like in THE SHE CODE and the novellas. You can find THE SHE CODE at )

My Facebook contest's first prize is a $25 Amazon gift card.
Second prize is a signed print bundle of 6 of my backlist books (from different pen names).
Third prize is a signed print bundle of 4 of my backlist books (from different pen names).

My winners will be announced on April 1! If you win my first prize, you will be entered to win the grand prize of the $100 Amazon gift card.

And if you want to *increase* your chances of winning that $100 Amazon gift card grand prize, here's what you do:

Each author listed on Crystal Rain-Love's website (link is below) has prepared a contest for you. Visit each author during the month of March to enter to win the prize listed by their name.

Each author's winner will be entered to win the $100 Amazon gift card grand prize, so visit EVERY author to increase your chance of winning . You may win more than one author's contest so get in there and start entering!

Winners announced on 4/1/2014.

So after you enter my contest here, go to

Good luck, everyone!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Free Short Vampire Babylon Horror Story!

Hi, you all!

A few years ago, I wrote a short story called "Soul Stains" that was published in a horror anthology called THOSE WHO FIGHT MONSTERS. But I wanted to post the entire story on Wattpad, a writing community, for a while, making it free and accessible to those who want to read it before I bundle it with two other Dawn Madison stories: RAISING THE DARKNESS and IN BAD SPIRITS (which are already available at Amazon, Kobo, and Nook)! I *really* wanted to have it out there for those who purchased RAISING and SPIRITS, though.

The collection will be called MONSTER HUNTERS, and here's a cover preview...

Once "Soul Stains" is bundled, it'll take a permanent vacation from Wattpad and only be available in digital form for a while, so you might want to read it soon by clicking here!

I hope you "enjoy" this scary story. (Although I'm not sure "enjoy" is really the word for horror!) The events take place after the sixth book in my Vampire Babylon series (DEEP IN THE WOODS) and just before RAISING THE DARKNESS.

Happy Hunting...

Monday, February 24, 2014

My Writing Process--Progressive Blog

Hi, all! I’m doing something a little different today—a progressive blog about “My Writing Process.” Thank you to Wendy Etherington ( ) for inviting me. You can see her Writing Process entry from last week at !

So here we go with the questions I need to answer for the blog! First of all, I’ll tell you what I’m working on now—the second book in my new “Crystal Green” Rough and Tumble “hot romance” series for Berkley’s Intermix Digital First line. This book already has a slot (October, 2014) and a title (Down and Dirty), so it’s a contracted work with a deadline—and it’s a lot of fun to write. You could call it a “What Happens in Vegas Doesn’t Necessarily Stay in Vegas” book, a romantic romp. I have six more chapters to go—whoo!

Second, this progressive blog calls for me to tell you how my work differs from others of its genre. If we’re talking about my current WIP, I would say that I’ve created a place/world that definitely belongs to the Rough and Tumble books alone—the stories center around a dive bar on the outskirts of Las Vegas and the rough-edged men who hang out there. The bar—a saloon, actually—has a lot of history and Old West dust to it, and so does the lazy, small town it’s in.

Third—why do I write what I write? Well, if you all are familiar with me, you know that I have more than one pen name. Currently, I have a new urban fantasy series out as Chris Marie Green: Jensen Murphy, Ghost for Hire (book 1 is called Only the Good Die Young). I also write some new adult/chick lit books under this name (The She Code and connected novellas). Lastly, I write romances as “Crystal Green.” So why do I write such different things? Probably because I’ve always been an eclectic reader.  Additionally, I write quite a few books per year, and these different types allow me to stretch my creative wings—every project is exciting because it’s not like the one before.

Finally, how does my writing process work? Oddly, this also depends on what I’m writing—or how I’m selling a certain project. If I’m selling on proposal, I first brainstorm the story, interviewing my characters, using Goal, Motivation, and Conflict charts to plot as well as a Hero’s Journey grid. Then I write a synopsis, plus blurbs for any other books I’d like on the contract. Then I go for the first three chapters, which completes a proposal. Normally, it takes a little time to sell, so I’ll move onto another project, coming back to this one after a contract is in the works. However, if I’m doing something for self-publishing or if I’ve already sold the book off of a pitch or a blurb, I’ll use “the sticky method.” This means that I go through all my prep work (charts, interviews, etc.), but I won’t do a sales synopsis. Instead, I write every scene I think I’ll need on a sticky and arrange them on my closet door. After actually writing each scene, I get the satisfaction of tearing that sticky down and saving them in my folder.

As for a day to day writing process, I do what needs doing—usually I take care of promo and/or editing in the morning and write a chapter at night, splitting my day in two. It used to be the opposite, but nowadays, the business of writing has become so important that I can’t concentrate while the business day is happening!

And that’s the scoop, my friends. J

Next week on March 3, I’ve invited three more authors to talk about their writing process, and I hope you’ll visit them on their blogs! Here is their information:

Beppie Harrison is a former non-fiction writer, living in Michigan, releasing her first novel, The Broken Heart, in March--the first book of a Regency trilogy set in Ireland.
Beppie’s writing process will be found at

E. B. Purtill is a writer living in San Francisco. The Lamb is her first book, coming out in March. She studied law and arts at the University of Western Australia and is now married and has a daughter. Her site is at

Nancy Warren is a USA Today Bestselling romance author known for her funny, sexy contemporary romances. Her latest releases are Game On for Harlequin Blaze and Kiss a Girl in the Rain, book 1 in the Take a Chance series. You’ll find her blog at