Monday, September 19, 2005

Another new cover!

Yes, it's time for the cover of my other December release. As you know, I've got two books on shelves during this merry month: the reissue of THE HUNTRESS (TWICE BITTEN--see below in a previous blog for that truly gorgeous thang) and PAST IMPERFECT, which is the last book in the Most Likely To... series for Special Edition. Here 'tis:

I love the autumn colors and the collegiate background. This continuity takes place on a fictional college campus near Boston, and you can practically feel the red bricks and nippy chill in the air. The models look true to the characters, too, so I'm verra happy about that. The heroine, Rachel James, resembles Halle Berry (Yes, we should all be so lucky.) and I pictured the hero as a rugged "pugalistic" type of guy. Nice!

Tune in during coming months as I tell you more about the storyline.....


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