Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Crystal Says...: NIP/TUCK Rocks It

After a day of writing--hard-core, Commando Robot Girl writing--I like to zombie-out in front of the TV. It doesn't demand too much of me, and it's highly entertaining. Besides all the new programs on cable, I also dig my Netflix. Since the new season of NIP/TUCK starts in a week, I felt that I needed to catch up on all the down-and-dirty details of last season because, for some weird reason, I'd missed the last few episodes of season 2. But thanks to Netflix, that ain't a problem. I rented season 2 on DVD, and I'm allllll caught up now.

For those of you unfamiliar with the series, NIP/TUCK is a doozy. It really, REALLY pushes the envelope of not only what "can't be shown on TV" but also of what isn't normally talked about in polite society. NIP/TUCK makes no bones about what it is--a deviant soap opera that features graphic, tongue-in-cheek sexcapades, Twilight Zone character revelations, and too-much-information surgery details. The two main characters are male plastic surgeons in Miami; one is a sexual addict with an inferiority complex disguised as a superioty complex , and the other one is a repressed do-gooder with an emerging dark side. They're both in love with the same woman; she married the do-gooder but now they're separated because she discovered that one of their children is actually the son of the sexual addict. Most interestingly, the main relationship is between the two doctors/best friends. In their love triangle, I wouldn't be suprised to ultimately see the men end up with each other and leave the woman in the dust.

In spite of the strange dynamics, NIP/TUCK features some very sharp writing. Sure, the "beauty on the outside doesn't mean beauty on the inside" premise is occasionally ham-handed, but there are some really surprising moments, capped with clever dialogue and intriguing characterization. And it doesn't hurt that this third season will be featuring "The Carver," a serial rapist who tells his victims that "beauty is a curse." Of course, the madman (or madwoman?--we don't know who it is yet, but we're promised a revelation by the time this season ends) has pitted himself against the doctors--they've been "fixing" a lot of the victims pro bono. And "The Carver" is very eerie, wearing a pretty mask and watching his victims before attacking.


Can't wait for the next episode.

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