Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Doing Time

Yes, the new TV season has officially begun! Now, I haven't been a big fan of the Fox network lately--they yanked a good program, THE INSIDE, just as it was getting really interesting. They did the same to FIREFLY. In short, I do not trust them and I'm loathe to watch any new program for fear that I'll forever be left in fan limbo, wondering what happened to the characters I was just getting to know. Imagine my dismay when I saw that Fox has about ten new shows that I really want to watch. I know--that's pretty awful; not just because the programs are on Fox, but because there are *about ten programs I'm interested in watching...ON ONE NETWORK.* But new TV programs are like a Vegas buffet for me: So much offered, so much opportunity for overindulging. So much resulting nausea, too.

The first program was definitely on my pouty I'm-totally-not-watching-Fox list because I knew that if this one got prematurely zipped into the ether, it would hurt. It's a suspense-thriller called PRISON BREAK, and it was being heralded as "the new 24." Well, you all know from Crystal Says... that I dig 24. So...very reluctantly, I was lured into watching BREAK. OMG. I'm so happy I did. If Fox messes with me on this one, I'm going into a dither. It doesn't have the "24-hour real time" conceit of 24 (and, actually 24 itself doesn't even keep to that premise all that brilliantly if you think of all the traveling they do from place to place; I mean, how can Jack Bauer get from one side of L.A. to another in, like,three minutes?). But BREAK has the intensity. Boy, buddy, DOES it. These people know how to pace a story by interweaving intrigue with emotion. And the cliffhangers...yow. Great stuff.

Basically, BREAK offers the unlikely scenario of a man committing a crime so that he can rescue his incarcerated brother by being assigned to the same prison. That brother, Linc, is scheduled to die soon because he killed the vice-president's brother. Thing is, Michael, the guy who wants to rescue his brother believes that Linc has been framed. (Note: From hereon out, I will be referring to Michael as "Hottie" because he is so steaming drool-worthy that I want to give him a love bite on the neck<---sorry still writing about vampires). Hottie whips up this amazing plan--not sure exactly what it is so far, but my burnin' hunk of tantric love has got my confidence--to break him and his brother out. Unfortunately, prison is full of liars and sociopaths, and Hottie's plan is constantly being put in jeopardy by them.

It's really good. You've got to watch for the excitement and the hottie-ness.

Next up: REUNION. Lord help me, because it's on (you guessed it) Fox.

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