Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Stand by for Happy Annoucement:

I have finished the basic draft for my Berkley vampire book! Wheeeeee! Not that this means I get to go out and party or anything. Now it's time to cut some pages (because I , of course, went over my page count--nothing new there) and polish this baby. I feel good about this story, but I'm nervous because I'm writing for a new publisher and I don't know what exactly to expect from this point forward. But you know what? There's not a darn thing I can do about that except to turn in the best story possible and to take one step at a time. Vamp by vamp.

In case you're curious, when I've turned in this book, I'll be working on my next Blaze. This one is an author-generated miniseries that will feature Nancy Warren, Alison Kent, and me. How did I end up working with these great authors? Well, it all started when Alison contacted me because she had read a portion of PLAYMATES and thought we had similar taste in Blazes. She's right. I love her work! And then she brought her buddy Nancy on board--how cool is that? I adore her funny, hot stories, too! (Yes, I'm floored to be working with these women, can you tell?) The concept that ties the three books together is this: in an office building, a group of female employees gathers every Monday to draw business cards that they've collected. This is how they arrange dates, by contacting these men who have been pre-screened by the other women in this group. My sister-in-law, Joan, used to do this in her freewheeling single days and I loved that story--so we used it, of course! (Thanks, Joan!) As I start writing the book, I'll get more into detail about it then, okay? Okay.

Now I'm going to chill out and forget any more work until tomorrow. Cheers. : )

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