Sunday, September 11, 2005

The Lowdown on Blossom

Hi, all!

I invited my friends from the Silhouette Romance Blossom County Fair miniseries to blog with me. Jill Limber, who writes for SR, Initimate Moments, and has penned historicals as well as contemporaries, is our first contributor. I hope you enjoy her first blog and THE SHERIFF TAKES A WIFE, book 3 in the series.

This is my first time blogging, and I'm so glad to be here on Crystal's site! Thanks for the invitation, Chris!

I want to tell you all about our four book series that takes place in and around Blossom Texas. I'm very proud of our four books featuring the Blossom County Fair. My book in the series is just being released this month.

Let me start by giving you all a little background. Crystal, JudyDuarte, Teresa Carpenter and myself have been friends for years, sharing our love of writing romance. We met as members of the San Diego Chapter of Romance Writers of America as unpublished writers, and shared the joy as each of us sold our first book.

The original idea for this four book series was Teresa's. She shared her idea with us, and we decided it sounded like a good idea. We got together to come up with an overall story idea, and after a lot of discussion, not to mention chocolate , we hit on the idea of a county fair. All of us had wonderful memories of attending the fair and thought it would be a great backdrop for our stories.

The next step was to come up with a place to set the stories, and we decided on the mythical town of Blossom in Blossom County, Texas. Together we created characters who lived in the town, then each of us thought up characters who would star in our books. They all lived in the town or came to town with the carnival.

Crystal wrote book #4, HER GYPSY PRINCE. Her heroine is the daughter of a leading family in Blossom, and her hero is the man who runs the carnival that sets up at the fair. That book will be out in October. Judy Duarte wrote the first book in the series, A BRIDE FOR A BLUE RIBBON COWBOY, and it was released in July. Her book is about a hometown heroine and the rodeo cowboy she has had a crush on since she was a teenager. Teresa Carpenter, who wrote book #2, FLIRTING WITH FIREWORKS (released this August), wrote about the mayor of Blossom and the psychicwho travels with the carnival. My book, THE SHERIFF WINS A WIFE, has just been released. My hero is the Sheriff of Blossom. The heroine is his high school sweetheart who comes back to town after an absence of seven years.

I hope you all will visit with the heros and heroines of Blossom County, and have as much fun reading our books as we had writing them!Happy reading, and thanks for visiting with me here!

Jill Limber
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