Sunday, September 25, 2005

More notes from a TV addict

I just want to tell you about yet another program that I adore. Have you seen FOOTBALLERS' WIVE$? It airs on BBC America, and over here in the States, we're about a season behind, as I understand it. At first, it was tough to understand some of the accents (Hello, Ian, I'm talking about *you.*) but that quickly ceased to become a problem. Some critics compare this series to DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES, but I don't know about that. FW isn't as goofy and thank goodness it doesn't have that sleep-inducing voice over from the great beyond. Instead, FW has lots of soapy moments--affairs galore, decadent habits, overblown court cases and crimes, and games, of course. After all, we are talking about a show that explores the lives of bored rich women and their jock over-sexed husbands. Definitely more DALLAS than DESPERATE.

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