Thursday, October 20, 2005

Latest Bombshell read: TOUCH OF THE WHITE TIGER

I just finished reading TOUCH OF THE WHITE TIGER, the second Angel Baker novel from Silhouette Bombshell. I really enjoyed Julie Beard's first Angel book (KISS OF THE BLUE DRAGON): the creativity that went into concocting this futuristic world of Chicago is amazing, and Angel is witty and extremely capable (unlike a certain bond agent in another series of books who seems to regress in ability with every installment...but we'll talk about that in another blog, I suppose, coughstephanieplumcoughcough).

Angel Baker is a Certified Retribution Specialist, which basically means that victims can hire her to retrieve their tormentors and seek justice from that point on. It's a wonderful premise, and Beard populates her stories with colorful and original characters as well as taut mysteries. In this story, Angel has been framed for murder, and the suspects range from her is-he-or-isn't-he-a-good-guy love interest to a deadly mob boss. My favorite part of these books is the setting though; Beard obviously has a lot of fun with details (like compubots, who are programmed to resemble old movie heroes, as well as genuinely funny takes on the ramifications of our cultural excesses). She doesn't miss a chance to shade her world with logical and interesting grace notes.

I hope there'll be another Angel Baker novel--there're a lot of places this charactrer can go. With any luck, Angel will be another Eve Dallas, with a neverending series of stories. Definitely recommended!

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