Tuesday, October 04, 2005

R.I.P. Vaughn

Ah, ALIAS, what became of thee? Season one was refreshing, manic, and emotionally addictive with Sydney Bristow's spylife and lovelife. Season two was fabulous with the introduction of the ultimate bad-ass mommy, Irina Derevko. Season three wasn't quite as awful as a lot of people say it was--in spite of the hunky-yet-sensitive Michael Vaughn (Syd's true love) getting married while Syd was "missing" for two years, it still had a heck of a closing, with Syd's sister coming on board. And then season four happened, almost like the slow, boring crash of a bike rider who is trying to put on the brakes and manages to ease down enough to thud into a wall. Season four, with Nadia (who turned out to be a big snooze) and the predicted, much anticipated SHOWDOWN between the two sisters (which turned out to be an even bigger snooze) was truly disappointing. The only thing that even tugged at my interest was the conclusion, which featured a Vaughn bombshell ("For starters, my name isn't Michael Vaughn." Du-oh!!!) and an ultra-realistic car crash. Now *that's* my ALIAS, I thought. Welcome back, baby.

Then came the rumors. The ugly whisperings that Michael Vartan, who plays Hottie Agent Vaughn, would not be returning. I resisted the rumblings at first, but as the volume rose on these horrible stories about him not being on the set, etc., I slid into denial phase. "Hell, this is ALIAS," I thought to myself. "Nobody actually dies." So I predicted he'd be back.

Even though I'm hoping this is indeed what will happen with Vaughn, the whole exercise leaves a dull taste in my mouth. First, because of the no-die policy on this show, watching Vaughn's "demise" left me emotionally distant. Why invest my sadness in the program when I know he's going to return? But if he really *did* die, I'm even unhappier. An ALIAS without Vaughn is like a candlelit dinner with the flickering flames. It's like HAPPY DAYS without Richie Cunningham, LAVERNE AND SHIRLEY without Shirley. Sydney and Vaughn are a team, and without Michael Vartan, an important element is missing--and, as anyone who took Chemistry 101 knows, without the right mix, your concoction is screwed.

I hope ALIAS has some huge surprise in the shadows that takes the audience's jaded attitude about the no-death policy and bends it around. *That* would be cool. But if Vaughn comes back from the great beyond, it'll be just another day in Sydney land, and that's not a good thing for a show that once had unexpected twists and cliffhangers.

R.I.P., Vaughn. I hope ALIAS doesn't follow you into a shallow grave.

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