Tuesday, November 01, 2005

And...thar she goes again

Today I'm supposed to start a new project. Never mind that it's 1:00 PM and I haven't gotten anything done; as of now, I am officially in Blaze writing mode.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with "Blaze," I'm talking about a book line that publishes "hot" romances from Harlequin. The promise of these novels is that you'll get a steamy read, and most of the time the stories feature the sort of characters you might find in SEX AND THE CITY--hip, savvy, and experienced (though this doesn't apply to all of the stories--these are just the ones I gravitate toward). The tones range from sassy/fun to dark/erotic. As a reader, myself, I really enjoy Blaze books, so it makes sense that I also like to write them.

I've talked briefly to you about this current project before: it's the one that's centered in a San Francisco office building, where single female employees who're looking for a decent date meet in the lounge to draw business cards for the names and phone numbers of possible blind dates--like a LOVE CONNECTION lottery. The miniseries, which I'm writing with Nancy Warren and Alison Kent, is named For A Good Time Call.... In my story, the heroine, Tamara, draws the card of a guy named Kyle; his card is in the lottery because another member of the "Sisters of the Booty Call" (which is what this group of women calls themselves) met him at a bar, got his card, wrote her impressions of him on the back--including the reason she wasn't interested in him, even though she thinks he'd be a great date for a friend--and deposited it in the communal vase the Sisters use for the drawing. (So, basically, these women have thought up their own dating service with guys who come recommended.) BUT, when it comes time for Kyle to meet Tamara at their designated date spot, a series of circumstances allows Kyle's cousin, Murphy, to take his place--as Kyle. Sounds strange, I know--part of the challenge of this book is to oil the machinations of this "masquerade" plot so that they work. And so far so good. I think.

Anyhow, today, I'm supposed to be researching my San Francisco setting. I think it's an amazing city, but I'm sad because the location was changed from New Orleans to SF due to the devastation of Katrina. As I've mentioned before, New Orleans is not only one of my favorite places on Earth, it's an additional character to me when I write about it, and losing it is like having to leave a friend behind as I embark on a trip to someplace else.

At any rate, here I go on this new manuscript....

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