Thursday, November 17, 2005

Cool/Weird movie - THE TENANT

Just another recommendation for you all. If you like movies that play with your mind, you'll want to check out THE TENANT. It was directed by Roman Polanski, the guy who helmed a movie that scared me silly: ROSEMARY'S BABY. That film just reached into me and twisted my fears into tangles. Eeee. It really was effective in tapping into a primal fear and exploiting it.

THE TENANT does much of the same thing. I won't reveal plot points, but here are the basics: In Paris, a Polish man (a foreigner, keep in mind) moves into an apartment that has recently been vacated, not because the former tenant moved to a sunnier, more picturesque location than this barely-not-a-slum property, but because she jumped out of the window. As the movie unravels, we see this shy, unassuming man discovering things about the former tenant, and he starts wondering if he's being haunted, being ganged up on by the other tenants, or even if he's losing his mind.

This is a slower movie, but it creeps along on a layer of details and quirky characterization. And, wouldn't you know it, it also got to me because of a terrible fear I have of...(SEMI SPOILER: DON'T READ ON UNLESS YOU WANT SOME POSSIBLE TMI) well, let's just say the main character has something in common with Norman Bates and that doctor from a certain Brian DePalma movie with Michael Caine....


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