Tuesday, November 29, 2005

December contest prize preview

Check this out:

Isn't it beautiful? This is called the Wild Rose Necklace from Sunspot Designs, which is a Goth custom made jewelry boutique. This is going to be just one of the items in the prize package that Erica Orloff (www.ericaorloff.com) and I will be offering in just a couple of days when our web sites are refreshed. We thought that a gorgeous, blood-red necklace would be perfect when it came to promoting a book called TWICE BITTEN (which features rereleases of Erica's URBAN LEGEND and my THE HUNTRESS Bombshells).

So remember to come back to www.crystal-green.com to see what else we have in store!


Shannon Canard said...

Hi, Crystal

Just wanted to let you know how much I LOVED The Huntress. I recommended it tons of people and I'm happy to see they are reprinting it with such a HOT cover. Love that, too.

Any news on when your vampire series will be on bookshelves?

Crystal Green's Blog said...

Hi, Shannon!!

Thank you *so* much for the HUNTRESS compliment. It's really great of you not only to tell me about how much you enjoyed it, but to also tell your friends.

I love the TWICE BITTEN cover, too--they really scored on that one.

As for the Berkely Vampire Underground series...no slot date yet. I'm getting anxious about that! If I were to guess, I'd say that we might be looking at something in late 2006, but don't quote me on it. But I *will* let you guys know (in a blog--maybe even a special-message mini newsletter) when I find out. I'll be starting to write the second book in mid-January, so I'm confident we'll know about a release date by then.

I appreciate your asking and your interest. All the best to you and yours! : )