Monday, November 21, 2005


Pop quiz: what is a writer to do when she's got out of town company, a head cold that's splitting her skull apart, and three ending chapters to her WIP (work in progress) that are driving her crazy?
Work through them.
I've got my family here for Thanksgiving, and I'd planned to finish my Blaze rough draft in time to have some fun with them. Alas, that is not happening. This lovely cold that is dogging me right now is the bane of my present existence (but there's no way I'm going to rest until these chapters are cleaned up--catch 22), so I'm trying something new for a cure: natural stuff. First, I'm drinking this herbal tea and using Throat Rescue, which totally manhandled my sore throat by the end of the first five hours. Great stuff, and I think the tea is working. I also started a new vitamin regimen as well as a diet suppliment since I'm the Queen of Junk Food and I need to change this terrible habit (Yes, I'll stop eating Suzie Qs and Tostidos any time now. How does the beginning of next week sound?). At any rate, I'm wondering if this cold would've been a lot worse if I hadn't been taking this new stuff. Everyone in my family just got over THE FLU, so I'm hoping I've staved that off.
Here's to hoping everyone who's reading (and, natch, writing) this will be healthy enough to enjoy turkey in a couple of days!

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