Thursday, December 29, 2005

Adjustment to release schedule

Remember when I told you all that my next Blaze SKIN DEEP (now called INNUENDO) would be coming out in August? Scratch that. The new slot date is July, 2006, which is all good with me. I love having summer releases because the lazy days of sunshine and beaches are perfect for a fun read.

INNUENDO is going to have a quick turnaround time as far as publishing goes. Evidently, my book was moved up a month because there was a glitch with someone else's deadline. I'm used to my books hitting the shelves about one full year after I turn them in, but that won't be the case with this Blaze. This will be a six month turnaround! Wow. Today and tomorrow, I'm doing a couple of minor revisions so we can get this book into production, which means it'll first be line edited (where a copy editor and an author's regular editor look for continuity, depth, and technical issues). At that point, the author goes over that line edit, addressing any questions the editors had and making any needed adjustments. Then the book is edited again and the author receives an AA (Author Alteration) readout. Here, we're allowed to make pretty minor corrections to whip it into final shape. After the manuscript is looked over again, it's waiting time. And then...the moment of excitement: the actual release date.

So there it is--INNUENDO will be coming to a bookshelf near you sooner than any of us expected!

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