Friday, December 09, 2005

Guest blogger: Erica Orloff!

This is cool! My comrade in TWICE BITTEN vampire shenigigans, Erica Orloff, is guest blogging today! And, as you can see at the end of her entry, I made an appearance on her site, too, today--and it's a blog that won't be published on my site. (Oooo--an extra!) So as I encourage you to go to as well, please welcome, Erica, my fellow vamp writer!

Hi All! Thanks to Crystal for letting me guest blog.

As you may know by now, Crystal and I are back-to-back authors in TWICE BITTEN. We each have a vampire story. Though I write for Red Dress Ink and Mira and Bombshell, and write as Liza Conrad for YAs, this was my first foray into vampires. I loved it. (So much so, I have the teen vampire book HIGH SCHOOL BITES coming out in January from NAL/Penguin!)

And I have to say not only did I love it, but the number of fans I heard from the first time URBAN LEGEND was released was disproportionately high. Vampire fans are a dedicated group! I thought about the allure of the vampire. Why are we so drawn to him? Or her?

There are, of course, many scholarly discourses on the vampire and what he represents in Freudian and psychological (and erotic) terms. For me, though, I think it goes back to those first scares as a kid. My dad let me watch the Creature Feature on WPIX in NYC when I was little. Somehow, the rather bloodless vampires and gore-less monsters were a “safe” way to get good and terrified. I remember watching “Dracula Created Woman” and my little sister got so scared that night she was screaming bloody murder (and somehow I got in trouble for letting her watch it!).

Well, from then on, a vampire fan was born. When I got the opportunity to write my own vampire book, what I also loved was the fantasy element. I spun a few things about vampires around, and made up some rules of my own. I got to venture into a world not only that I made up—as in all my novels—but one that wasn’t real. That had its own sense of order imposed by the undead.

So, all you vampire fans . . . .Don’t forget to visit my site: There you can read Crystal’s guest blog and enter to win our contest!

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