Wednesday, January 25, 2006


I don't know, you all--I think I'm already sick of AMERICAN IDOL.

Is it because we're getting three hours of awful try-outs per week right now and that's way too much? Is it because it seems that more and more people without talent are dressing up in costumes or slutty clothing to distract the judges from their voices (or are they just figuring that they stink anyway, so they might as well make the ultimate asses out of themselves on TV?)? Or am I just anxious to get to the "real" part of AI, where they actually perform and I start getting way too opinionated and nervous about who should stay and who should go?

Last night, I wanted to be watching more talented performers, just like that young Billie Holiday named Paris (OMG, was she awesome or what???). But--all right, I'll admit it--Simon can be really funny, too...when he's not being a dipthwack. The reason I generally like Simon is because he genuinely does seem to know what he's talking about, even when Paula and/or Randy are too loaded to know any better. And Simon's pointed wit can occasionally be hilarious, when he's not going overboard. Because, seriously, guy? Cut back on the fat jokes and "gender-confused" cracks. It's not only uncomfortable to watch but I'm sure half the people who try out actually don't have enough self-esteem to cope (which leads to the question of why they come to the auditions in the first place.... Masochists?).

Anyway--bring on the real competition, I say. I'm done with the bad variety show.

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