Sunday, January 08, 2006

From my nephew

I've invited my almost-three-year-old nephew to blog today. First, allow me to tell you what he is wearing. It's his favorite suit: yellow rain boots and his skin. We call him Naked Monkey Boy because of his fondness for running around au natural. Without further ado, here he is, the man himself...

(translation: Ay, ah, Mama! I fall down on the tile.)
(note: last week, he had a bit of an accident and has an owie on his knee. He's okay. Just active.)

(translation: I want to play write. With...Mommy!)

(translation: Mommy said this. We go to a date. We go to a hike, too.)

(translation: I am Rodney Copperbottom. I am Pug. How 'bout Rodney Copperbottom?)

vvvvb bbzsgsssduyruthy6trrrrdssswswsqqqsddffhhgxfvxfgfzvcdgfyyrtt4
(translation: I want to say moon. Moon. Pizza.)

All right, that's it. He's run away from the keyboard and is tearing apart some headphones of mine, so it's time to go. But my nephew is really excited to have had the opportunity to express himself, and I know that he'd thank you for hanging out here if he could.

I know. Weirdest. Blog. Ever.

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