Saturday, January 14, 2006

New Superman pics!

Hey--check out the new Superman stills that've hit the net! If you go to,0,248315.photogallery?index=4 or (I hope those work....) you'll be treated to some very cool stills. I'm going to try to post this one, from, here (wish me luck--pictures don't seem to work very well on this blog).

While this has a fake plasticity to it...still, how cool! It's a nicely composed portrait of Superman/Clark Kent and it makes my heart go thud-a-thud-thud just a tad. From all indications, this movie is going to look beautiful, if not anything else. Last year in my Comic-Con San Diego report, I told you that Bryan Singer is modeling this film after the old animated Superman short movies. The muted tones of the costume are testiment to that, and the art direction evokes a sense of retro-modern splash. Love it.

So try to hit the links! There're some great pix of Clark Kent and a nice one of Superman shooting some "blue steel" as he poses.

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