Monday, January 02, 2006

New year wishes

Happy New Year!

Did you all set any resolutions for 2006? I did, even though I rarely follow through. That’s because they’re usually based on personal issues and those aren’t always easy to control or face, LOL. Aside from too-secret-to-share resolutions that I made Saturday night/Sunday morning, I can tell you one that is more within my grasp. I’m going to try to not develop an ulcer this year. No joke. I need to schedule my time better and allow for some trips, just like I did in 2004, when I went to Japan, Italy, and New Orleans. I’d love to go back to the Women’s Fiction Festival in Matera, Italy, in late September. And my friend from Japan has invited me back there, too. We’ll see what the year brings, but I know I can’t keep telling myself that “all the hard work will pay off” and then I can coast because, as with most jobs, the work never seems to end! I just need to deal with that accordingly and relax.

Here’s to your resolutions coming true!

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