Friday, February 24, 2006


With a heavy heart, I am here to mourn the penultimate show of the season for DANCING WITH THE STARS. No more questionable song choices for the tango, no more cracking up at Judge Bruno's stunningly passionate nicknames for the dancers, no more square-but-oh-so-fun family viewing hour(s). I am very lucky that THE AMAZING RACE is starting this week (the real Amazing Race, with actual racing around the world and everything this time, coughfamilyeditioncough), but I shall look forward to DANCING, season 3, with breathless urgency.

Now, about last night.....

Anna and Jerry: Good to see their best dancing ever. How many of you were surpised to see these two dance a better freestyle program than Stacy and Tony? Whoa. Jerry was doing very well with those lifts and manuevers, and he was obviously having a great time, making those silly faces. Yeah, the routine was a bit dorky, but it worked for George Hamilton until a few weeks ago.
Stacy and Tony: Once again, their jive was deft and efficient, but color me shocked at what happened during the freestyle dance. What the...? When Tony first came out in that SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER suit, I got rather rocked and said to myself, "Oh, they're going to use 'You Should Be Dancing,'" the awesome song that ushered John Travolta into one of the best dance sequences--and definitive movie moments--of cinema. But, alas, "Stayin' Alive" came on and I wondered what good could come of the slow tempo. Oddly, Stacy and Tony went on to perform a routine you can see on any wedding dance floor (except for the relatively difficult lift at the end, which didn't go exactly as planned, though they get points for effort). It was fitting, though, because remember the SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER sequence in which Tony and Stephanie compete in a dance contest with that boring but romantically pivotal "More Than a Woman" routine? Their competition blew them away, and rightly so. Stacy and Tony's dance played out like that scene, except without any chemistry. And in the end, when Tony threw that ugly remark at Carrie Ann (What was he thinking?), my surprise was complete. Didn't they know how subpar that routine was? What? Happened?
Drew and Cheryl: Their freestyle dance was a bang-up culmination of everything this competition has been leading up to. Cheryl's choreography was AWESOME: fun, inventive, high-energy, and seemingly challenging because of the speed. Well deserved high marks. And you know I'm going to sit here and freak out about their "Thriller" Paso Doble. You could tell by the audience's reaction (They couldn't stop clapping, kinda like me.) that if the judges didn't give straight tens, there'd be a riot.

What I'm wondering is why this year's finals use the last three couples instead of the last two. Wasn't that how it worked last season, with the last two? Ah, I'm probably not remembering it correctly. At any rate, Jerry's going to split Stacy's and Drew's votes, which will get him the most phone-in votes.
But we'll see on Sunday, won't we?

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