Friday, February 03, 2006


Okay, we're coming close to having a real dance competition now! In last week's blog, I mentioned Master P's lack of effort, and I'm wondering if the show's reference to his 20 hours of rehearsal as opposed to every one else's 130-hour average lost him some votes. At any rate, P went out with humor and class, thus ushering in a new contest. Kind of. As much as I love George Hamilton, his dancing is not up to snuff. Oh, yeah, he's an entertainer--and a couple of the other dancers could learn that angle from Count Hilarious--but George's partner, Edyta, is doing most of the actual footwork. Bless his heart though because, once again, I'm here to tell you that I wouldn't do half as well in ballroom dancing. Seriously, not half.

Blow by blow? Here we go:

Stacy and Tony: What wasn't a surprise? This couple was polished to a fine shine. What was a surprise? A 30. A perfect score? I don't know. As much as I enjoy Stacy, I realized last night that something big is missing in her peformances for me: excitement. I never feel that extra zing from her and Tony, even if they are technically proficient.

George and Edyta:
I'm the first to admit that I'm a ballroom dancing naif, but can someone explain why the judges gave this team 8s across the board? Was this couple indeed better than Jerry and Anna? Maybe George's 8s are different than Jerry's, even though they're the same number? How does that work? Now that all the couples have stepped up and have gotten more intense, it's obvious that George's routines rely on props and flash as opposed to footwork. But, again, he's so fun to watch. I'll miss his wit when he does go.

Lisa and Louis: Compared to last week, I wasn't feeling the love this time out. To tell you the truth, I can't really remember their routine from last night. But Lisa's attitude is awesome and I have faith they'll come out roaring next week.

Tia and Maksim: Just when I thought Tia was showing improvement every week... Missed steps, a general lack of energy...I'm afraid the call-in votes are going to usher this couple out the door tonight, even though I think Tia has a lot more to show us.

Jerry and Anna: Wow! Jerry finally gets a little loose, thanks to his darling daughter. Last night looked like a real turning point for his dancing, but the judges didn't seem to agree so much. As I mentioned above, how was this couple rated below George and Edyta? I don't get it. But I have a feeling it's not Jerry's time to go yet, so he'll have next week to rev up that competitive spirit and show those judges what's what.

Drew and Cheryl: Even though I didn't feel the excitement of last week's "Thriller" (Hard act to follow!), I was loving my favorite couple once again, especially when Cheryl tore off Drew's sleeves. And Drew looked pretty relaxed during that salsa, showing marked improvement from previous weeks.

Brawling Judges: Awesome. Put Carrie Ann in a red dress next week, too, because it's fun to see Bruno charging at her. Poor Len. He was the cape that separated Carrie Ann and Bruno and you could tell he was not a happy jetlagger. Also, Carrie Ann? Hon? What was with you last night? I kept wondering where they put the real judge while this pod person crabbed her way through the show.

See you at the results show tonight!

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