Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Get it while it's...hot?

I just saw the "teaser" trailer for BASIC INSTINCT 2 on a link from Ain't It Cool News. Whoa. That's my first reaction. I was not prepared for what was in it. And if you don't like blood or nudity in your movies, you shouldn't access it yourself. Seriously. I can't believe they leaked this material to the public, so I just had to share my surprise with you fellow movie fans. I was very curious about the content; after all, BASIC INSTINCT was a huge movie, and the sequel has been through development hell in an epic journey to the screen. It's a freak show in so many more ways than one, so when I heard it'd been posted, I wasted no time in watching it.

At any rate, there are two reasons to go to Ain't It Cool News now if you're curious about "Risk Addiction":

1. There's no way this trailer--one which you will never see in a theater because of its eyebrow-raising content--will stay posted for long.
2. You might have an attack of decency and lose the impulse to see just how far they're going to take this movie in the "oh my" direction.

First, I have to tell you that I like the first BASIC INSTINCT. The cat-and-mouse games between Michael Douglas' morally ambiguous detective and Sharon Stone's ice-pick queen were like the proverbial car accident on the side of the road. In the end, my favorite thing about it was how the film manipulated the audience just as effectively as Stone's character manipulated everyone in her life. No matter what a moral ruckus that movie raised, it worked the public masterfully, as it was intended to do.
Will BASIC INSTINCT 2 accomplish the same? Judging from the extended, explicit trailer, I'm not too sure. It looks as if they've piled on the depravity and left out the mystery. But I am curious--will the story concentrate on whether or not Stone's character is on a killing spree again? Will it merely be an amped-up rehash of the first plot?

If you see the trailer, don't say I didn't warn you. This is not one for the sensitive, but it is a big deal in entertainment news right now....

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