Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day

Yesterday I was listening to a radio show about Valentine's gifts, and I was kind of moved by one present a man gave to his wife. When he got home from work, he sat her down, made her close her eyes, then went to the car to bring in his goods. When she opened her eyes, she saw him holding twelve red heart balloons with one star balloon in the middle. Each red balloon symbolized a year they'd been together. He took her outside, where they let those balloons go, one by one, and watched them float up to the sky. Then he gave her the star, which had a card attached to it. In it was a prayer to God, thanking Him for allowing this man to be with his wife. Together, the couple released that balloon to heaven.

Isn't that such an awesome gift? Simple yet profoundly thoughtful.

Here's to your own Valentine's Day. I hope that everything you receive is from the heart, too.

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