Saturday, February 18, 2006


I didn't get to post yesterday, but that means I can comment on the results show this week. Let me just say that I'm very, very sad that Lisa didn't make it last night. I almost wish there was a trophy for the "most improved" celebrity--not as a consolation, necessarily, but as recognition that there are different levels of experience at work in this show. With that, here we go:

Stacy and Tony:
Quickstep? Nice job. Cha-cha? Still efficient. I immediately understood what judge Carrie Ann was trying to saying about Stacy's "angry face," but I think she just didn't articulate it as well as she could have. During the dance, Stacy's expression kept resembling my three-year-old nephew's when he wants a treat but isn't getting it. Her demeanor wasn't so much "angry" as "pouty." But who can fault her dancing? Top notch.
Jerry and Anna: Bless his heart, he's out there trying so hard. If he weren't putting his heart and soul into this, I'd be sore about him moving on while Lisa was left behind. But I can't bring myself to be offended by his presence in the final three. He's still stiff and his footwork is not as sharp as Drew's or Stacy's, but Jerry really has come a long, long way. Lisa did, too, but someone had to go....
Lisa and Louis: Usually I'm cynical about all that is Hollywood, but I was kinda touched by Louis' tears and admiration for Lisa. They danced *so* well Thursday that it's hard to admit that the performances weren't enough to keep her in the competition. But, hey, hats off to Lisa--keep dancing, woman (and come back to VERONICA MARS! Lynn Echolls (sp?) SO isn't dead. Or maybe I just don't want to accept it.).
Drew and Cheryl: Okay, when brother Nick got all teary-eyed while commenting on his little bro, I lost a bit o' my heart. Jessica Simpson, what the hell were you thinking??? Anyway, D&C are almost the whole package. No, he's not a perfect dancer, but he's still improving and bringing the awesome every single week. And, as noted by, I think, Carrie Ann, these two have a chemistry that you can't get through practice or natural dancing talent. I guess that's what I was feeling a couple of weeks ago when I noted that I get excited watching this couple.

BTW, "Save the Last Dance" was brilliant. I've never heard Michael Bubble or whatever his name is, but that was a cool rendition. And Alec + Edyta? So very cool. That woman is cut, my friends. So very cut.

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