Monday, February 20, 2006

My update

Here I sit, revving up to get to work. I'm already running late (that happens more and more lately) but I will get my chapter done before my gym time. I will, I tell you!

I'm on chapter 8 of DR. ETERNITY, the second Vampire Underground book. (Remember--the first is being released in trade paperback in the Berkley Ace line February, 2007!!!) I'm planning to write 26 chapters for this book, so that puts me at almost the 1/3 marker. Well, not quite but almost. So far my biggest struggle are those opening sequel blues I sang a few blogs back--it really is tough to handle the information a new reader versus returning reader will need. I'm trying to balance the info output with action and, whenever possible, use dialogue to showcase every pertinent fact. And there are a lot of details that add to the building of this paranormal world, believe me. Since this is a noir/mystery/fantasy/vampire book, not only do I have to relate the specifics of the last book's case (It's tightly woven into this book's core mystery.), I have to deal out the rules of this vampire world. And I have to acquaint/reacquaint the readers with old characters who are integral to this plot, too. I keep telling myself that whatever isn't working for me at this stage can be ironed out during the editing, but I'm impatient and it's bothering me now!

But...onward. Upward. Fangward.

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