Friday, February 10, 2006

Time for another DANCING WITH THE STARS blip

It's getting down to the nitty gritty now! I'd like to say that the competitors we have left are the best of the best, but Giselle Fernandez got voted off too early, so that wouldn't be accurate. What's interesting is that past dance experience is really a factor this season, and I'm torn between enjoying the more polished performers and having a lot of respect for the competitors who have improved by leaps and bounds. It'd be cool if, next season, ABC picked celebrities who have the same levels of experience so we'd have a more even playing field.
Yeah, like that's going to happen.

Anyway, here are my inexpert opinions of last night's show....

Jerry and Anna:
I thought last week showed a big turning point for Jerry (see previous blog) yet, this time out, I couldn't help but think that he was back to being pretty stiff (and not in a quarter-between-the-butt-cheeks-way, either). It's obvious both Jerry and Anna feel shafted by the judges--and I don't blame them--but I think the scores are more a matter of George and Edyta being rated too high rather than Jerry and Anna being rated too low. Who knows.
Drew and Cheryl: At first, I wasn't sure I'd like the tango music selection (Black-Eyed Peas? O-kay.) or the dancing itself, but about fifteen seconds into the routine, I started getting excited about watching these two again. Thank goodness Drew's shoulders aren't scrunched anymore! In the end, I was feeling Drew and Cheryl--they're still the only couple that has this particular intangible quality for me.
George and Edyta: The Paso Flatulanco. Why can't I stop imagining a balloon losing its air and going "ffffrrrrrrrrrrrr" as it whizzes around the dance floor now? This couple's routine had a charming story, but once again, George didn't actually do a whole lot of dancing. If he should go tonight--and I think that's how it's going to play out--I'm really going to miss this man's sense of humor. : ( And, BTW, I love the song they used.
Lisa and Louis: Lookin' good! Lisa's improvement arc has been stunning (Jerry runs a respectable second.). She doesn't even look like the same dancer who started this competition, and her enthusiasm is so catching that I can't help but ride on the Lisa Fan Train. When she and Louis took the spotlight during the waltz, they really went for it. Well played, you guys.
Stacy and Maksim: Their jive showed lots of energy and lots of precise moves. As always, these two looked great. (Yes, this opinion is straightforward, but so is this couple.)

And just to prove the extent of my geekiness: I'm totally looking forward to tonight's DIRTY DANCING act. Pretty sad!

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