Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Just a couple of reading recommendations for you all….

You know my critique partners Judy Duarte and Sheri Whitefeather, right? Both of them have books out this month. Since we all trade chapters and give each other feedback on our stories, I feel good about putting these before you for a great read.

First, there’s Judy’s newest Special Edition, CALL ME COWBOY.

“Cowboy” (the hero’s nickname) is a P.I. and he’s hired by a woman who wishes to delve into the past of her father, whom she always believed to be a “good man.” Um, not so much. Cowboy finds himself attracted to her, even though she’s a bit uptight and he’s a bit of a charming playboy. And as they discover the reality of her dad, he can’t help becoming emotionally involved, even though it’s the last thing a man like him wants to do. Judy writes warm and funny romances, and Cowboy is a cute one, too, so you might want to grab him while he’s available.

Next, there’s Sheri’s second Bombshell, NEVER LOOK BACK.

In this Native American mystical fantasy, Allie Whirlwind is an artist and an emerging shaman. Her powers are even strong enough to bring one of her paintings to life—a black-winged warrior with a haunted past. As this hero, Raven, and Allie start falling for each other, the story takes a lot of suspenseful twists and turns. There’s also a love triangle in this hot book (I do like a great love triangle!), and you never know whom Allie will choose until the end. If you enjoy paranormal action/adventures, I think you’ll love this offering.

Have fun with both of them!

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