Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Galley gee

So here I was, into somewhat of a groove with my DR. ETERNITY schedule, when BAM!--what should arrive on my doorstep but the galleys for my July Blaze, INNUENDO.

Ask any author who writes more than two books per year: galleys are notorious for landing in your lap at the most inconvenient times, like the day before a vacation(such as the college-friend reunion cruise I'm going on this weekend) or the final hours before a big deadline for another story (which, I'm glad to say, isn't the case this this time; I'm not down to the eleventh hour yet). The inevitable inconvience of galleys is almost funny, really. Not that I'm laughing. I'm not exactly complaining, either, just acknowledging that this is one writing urban legend that's true: galleys have all the perfect timing of a beloved, long-lost relative who rings your doorbell just as you're about to do something swell like having Orlando Bloom hand-feed you from an overflowing silver plate of Godiva chocolates.

All the same, galleys are essential to the publishing process, and I'm actually very glad to be able to see them before a book goes to print. "Galleys" is a term that refers to the very last printout an author receives--they're the final chance to make any changes. They follow the line edited copy of a manuscript, which means an editor or two has cleaned up the story for flow, accuracy, and polish. The author gets to see if all the changes have been inputted correctly and if they're happy with the final product.

Luckily, with these INNUENDO galleys, I got right on them and they're done now--before my cruise this weekend. However, it's set me back a day on my writing schedule and I'm so intent on getting DR. ETERNITY from my brain to the page that I feel like I took a mini-detour to Blazeland and need to get back into gear on the road to Vampireville. But the positive side is this: I like INNUENDO a lot, and I think it's given me some pep in the writing game as I continue with DR. ETERNITY. That's valuable.

So, yay, galleys, after all!


Gena Showalter said...

That's happened to me a lot the past 6 months. I'd get revisions for one book, copy edits for another, galleys for another, and still have a deadline on yet another book. I was pulling out my hair!!

Chris Marie Green/Crystal Green said...

Gena, I'm not surprised since you write, like, TWENTY BOOKS A YEAR!