Friday, March 24, 2006

New TV report card--part 1

Time for a long overdue TV Report Card! Let’s see how many programs I can possibly watch while I empty my mind at the end of the workday….

Footballers Wive$: The triumphant return! It seems like I’ve been waiting yeaaaarrrrs for Series 3. When Series 2 ended last fall on BBC America, Jason, one of the main players, was pushed off the roof of a building. Bye bye, J.R. Of course, five episodes into this new series, and we still haven’t really found out who did it, but we had to wait with DALLAS, too, didn’t we? And I’d really like to know where my favorite player, Sal, went. The guy just disappeared from the cast. At any rate, Tanya is still causing utter mayhem and she’s awesome, so I have to tune into the mischief each week without fail. It’s an addiction, I tell you.

The Sopranos: Hello, talk about a series taking its sweet time to get back to the screen. David Chase—you’ve tested me. So far, two episodes in, I’m hooked anew, even though I sometimes feel like the pacing could use a jolt. Still, great stuff with Tony in limbo. Also, AJ is primed to explode. Should be very interesting.

Big Love: Talk about a made-for-controversy premise. In Utah, Bill is a family man. I mean, a real, real big family man, because he’s got three households. Yup, he’s a polygamist, juggling a trio of wives at one time. I like the backstories because Bill and two of his hubbies hail from a commune that encourages polygamy, and they’ve “escaped” into the real world. It’s funny how the wives interact, too; there are a lot of subtle sexual politics going on. These women seem to accept this strange marriage situation, but…do they really? Mucho passiva-agressiva stuff happens in Bill’s household—not that he would know. The wives wage their own wars in quiet desperation, trying to keep all the infighting to themselves so as not to disturb the man of the house(s). And, really, can a series that boasts three—count them, three!!!—young actors from VERONICA MARS be anything but good? I think not, not, not.

Desperate Housewives: Looks like the plotting is coming out of its initial season 2 slump, and I’m very happy about that. With more focus on the housewives and their everyday interaction, we've gotten back to the reason everybody fell in love with the series in the first place. I think Bree is by far the most interesting, especially since the War with Andrew has stepped up.

Grey’s Anatomy: How much have I come to adore this series? Let me count the ways: lots of hot doctors (Give me more McDreamys and more McSteamys any day. BTW, where is McSteamy? Bring him back!!!). Lots of naughty little subplots. Lots of fun dialogue. Sure, I could’ve done without Christina running around the hospital with Bailey’s baby and I want to stuff Meredith’s mouth with cotton balls to stop her incessant whining, but the good far outweighs the minor frustrations.

Prison Break: Yes! Whoo! It has returned!!! Hottie and his team of hapless escapees. If this show gets any better at cliffhanging, I think I just might have a heart attack. Seriously. Can they be any crueler than leaving us for an entire week without seeing how Linc escapes the electric chair? And, jeez, Michael, lay a big ol’ smacker on Sara already. Dang. Ooo, ooo, and did you hear the rumor floating around about the return of (SPOILER—stop reading if you don’t want to know—SPOILER) one of our favorite bad guys? Hint: he has lots of scruff, a vendetta against T-Bag, and is currently starring in some of the strangest car commercials ever. Oh, man, I cannot wait.

24: You all read what I thought of the premiere. Loved. It. And…still. Loving. It. Holy cow, just as I was starting to like Audrey, the writers pull the carpet out from under me! Those weasels! How dare they mess with my brittle, building trust of a character I really despised last season. Also, this is bad, but how great is it when the main character shoots an accomplice/bad guy’s wife in the leg and screams, “IT WAS ABOVE THE KNEE,” justifying the action by asserting that this is what the villain had taught him to do? That is so wrong of me to enjoy that. Just…ah, so wrong. Anyway, week by week, this is the gutsiest show on TV because it doesn’t pull punches--ask the dearly departed Edgar and Tony. Awesome.

The Apprentice: Still addictive. And Tarek? Me like you and your Orlando Bloom vibe. Me like a lot.

Stay tuned for part 2 in my next blog....

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