Sunday, March 26, 2006

TV report card--part 2

Here's the continued glimpse into my TV overkill!

American Idol
: How dare I relegate this show to one slot in the TV Report Card. Unthinkable. But, guys, when a program tries so hard to push Kellie Pickler at me, I can’t help but to be a little underwhelmed. She’s got a good voice and I felt for her when we first met her at auditions but…”What’s a ballsy?” Actually, the whole “mink” conversation was the turning point for not picking Pickler anymore. However, there are still a lot of great singers competing for the title, and I get excited to watch about 90% of them. Not bad at all. Go, Mandisa!

The Amazing Race:
Roses are red,
Flush is the dawn,
Boy, am I glad
The families are gone.

Lost: Is it me, or is almost every show on the air right now a prescription for hypertension? I love that this show has the guts to guide their characters into such dark places. All the players are falling into bad habits or starting to follow dark paths. I don’t know if that ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY theory about Aaron the comic book geek is true, but it’s the only thing that’s making sense right now. Not that I mind being confused. I LOVE IT. Please, LOST, keep messing with my mind.

Veronica Mars: “You didn’t get it from me,” says the skuzzy, rival P.I. as he gives a stolen cell phone to Veronica, who’ll be returning it to its rightful owner. In response, the perky teen wonder snarks, “I wonder how many times you’ve had to say that in your life.” Yes, folks, just another dialogue gem from one of the best shows on TV. You’ve heard me rave before, but allow me to remind you how GREAT this show is, okay?

Survivor: I should’ve gotten sick of this formula years ago, but I’m still hanging in there. This is no longer urgent TV for me, but I’m watching it every single week. Shane the disaster just makes things interesting, you know?

My Name is Earl: Somehow, every week, I forget just how clever the writers are. And Jamie Pressley gets funnier with each episode. I’m telling you, the gal is a marvel, along with the two Hickey boys. Hilarious—I find myself engaging in at least three belly laughs each half hour. That’s an excellent average. Besides, if you’re a cool enough show to have Timothy Olyphant playing a bald, drag-racing perv who’s slept with FOUR females, you’ve won me over for good.

The Office: You might’ve read my “Moments” blog a few entries ago. That stands. Love.

Battlestar Galactica: Sure, this show won’t be back until OCTOBER! (uh-huh, that was the sound of me screaming), but I haven’t had the chance to blog about how much I admire this series, so I’m doing it now. It’s truly one of the best-conceived worlds ever. It’s scary how deeply the writers delve into the possibilities of this human society on the run from the robotic Cylons, who oftentimes seem more like true people than the humans do. And I’ve mentioned that 24 has a lot of balls, but how about a show that ends with a gigantic leap forward (one year) in time, revealing changed characters that would make even the most die-hard fan uncomfortable? Genius. October needs to get here right now.

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