Saturday, April 15, 2006

Cover for INNUENDO - July Blaze

Here’s the cover for my July Blaze, INNUENDO!!!

What do you think? At first, it didn’t catch my eye, but then I realized that it has a soft, classy overtone. Kind of hot, actually, with the drink ready to be taken. And I love the business card! It’s a great hook for the story since a lottery-style card drawing is what connects the “For a Good Time Call” series.

As you know, Nancy Warren and Alison Kent will follow INNUENDO with their own books, INDULGE and INFATUATED. All the stories take place in a San Francisco office building where “the Sisters of the Booty Call” gather weekly to a) draw men’s business cards out of a vase to secure a freewheeling weekend date and b) share their stories of the previous weekend’s dates. Imagine all the possibilities….

Hint: my book is about “the wrong business card.” I’ll give you more details as July approaches.

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