Saturday, April 22, 2006

Out the door!

MIDNIGHT REIGN is out the door! That's the second Vampire Babylon (previously Vampire Underground) book. I'll be starting the third installment in late June or early July. Do you think that means I'm going to take a vacation until that point? Nah. Here's what is happening next:

1. I recently sold a Blaze novella that will be a part of a "Blaze collection." This means you'll buy one regular Blaze and get three novellas that are connected by a theme. I'll blog about this one later, when I have a firmer handle on what's going on. It's due June 1, but I just got the assignment (I'm stepping in for someone who had to drop out, I think. Crystal-on-the-spot!). Since it was a short work, I was lucky enough to fit it in. Sounds fun. It'll be on shelves next February, at the same time NIGHT RISING, the first Vampire Babylon book, goes on sale.

2. I'll be doing a proposal (three chapters and a synopsis) for a Blaze that's due in December. I have no idea what it'll be about yet, but I need to turn this in to get the second part of my advance money. (The first part came when I signed the contract, the third part comes when the actual manuscript is accepted.)

3. Then I'll be working on another proposal, this time for Special Edition. I'm proposing three connected books, so we'll see if that flies.

4. After that, it's on to a new mainstream book proposal. I have a few ideas, but nothing firm yet.

(BTW, I'm really looking forward to this "creative proposal playtime." It feels good not to have a big deadline until October 15.)

5. Finally, we come to BREAK OF DAWN, book 3 in the Vampire Babylon series.

So that's what my next few months look like. I'll also be going to the RT convention (with a side-trip to Disneyworld) and the RWA conference in Atlanta. There might be another trip in store, but I don't want to jinx it....

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