Thursday, April 20, 2006

Red Rock awesomeness

The other night, I went to my first big Vegas party. It's not because I'm cool or anything--my mom is an avid video poker player and she gets invited to many, many events. This time, she received an invitation to attend the opening festivities for the new Red Rock casino, located near Summerlin way off the strip in Vegas.

So, dressed in cocktail wear (which means a little red dress for me), we acted important and strolled onto the property like we belonged there. First, let me tell you that Red Rock casino is gorgeous. They have a Swarovski crystal chandelier in the hotel lobby that would take your breath away if you saw it, and that's just the beginning. The whole place has a modern, Southwestern flair but it's comfortably exquisite at the same time.

There was free booze and grub, so that was the first order of business (gambling wouldn't start until midnight because that's when Red Rock's license went into effect). With a fizzy flute of Dom Perignon in hand, we wandered from restaurant to restaurant because they were open and serving hors d'oeuvres from their regular menus. It was a very smart PR ploy to attract customers once the casino officially opened. Then the big surprise hit: Sting would be playing poolside come 8:45.

Yes, I said Sting.

Oh. My. God. Do you know how much I've always loved this guy? I was a Police-head in my younger years, and I used to buy every album he made. As you can guess, the mini-concert was great--he played for about an hour and the songlist was made up of mainly Police classics. The crowd loved him, of course. I'd dragged my poor mom about fifteen feet away from the stage, so we could see how incredible Sting still looks (yoga and tantric sex obviously slow the aging process). Being so close also meant we had to deal with a bunch of rude, entitled people who thought it'd be okay to slime through the crowd and stand in front of all the fans who'd staked out their viewing positions early, but don't get me started on normal concert behavior. (Okay--I'll start a little. Just because everyone is in cocktail wear doesn't mean they act classy. I couldn't believe when a six-foot-tall man snaked in front of me and just stood there, totally blocking my view. Believe me when I say that didn't last long. Later, some lady decided that I might enjoy the taste of her hair in my mouth when she wormed in front of me. Unbelievable. And it wasn't like I wasn't already adhered to the backs of the people in front of me. Maybe I just look like the type of person who enjoys being stepped on and I invite it. Who knows. But... Ah, never mind. Rant over.)

After the concert, there was a fabulously hyper fireworks show. Seriously, they put about an hour's worth of pop and sparkle into fifteen minutes. Again, AWESOME. Following that, it was just a matter of time before the casino officially opened.

Did I mention that I saw Robin Leach, Dan Cortes (sp?) and the blond Jen from last year's THE APPRENTICE? And I didn't even need a PR person to get me into the party! Heh-heh. My mom is so connected.

If you ever get the chance to check out Red Rock, please do. The sports book has some major TVs and it's lovely. Quite the experience.

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