Saturday, April 01, 2006


Remember how I used to blog about what I'm reading during certain projects, just to share my "process"? (Process--heh. That's a good one.) I thought I would do that today, too, even though I haven't had as much time to read lately. I'm not allowed to share the books I judged for the RITA contest (all seven of them) about a month ago, so that pretty much put the kibosh on recommending books for a while, but now I'm slowly getting back into the swing of things.

At any rate, you know my Vampire Underground series has some Hollywood flavor. (It's about a stuntwoman on the skids who returns to L.A. when she discovers her estranged dad is missing.) Since the series has been termed "vampire mystery fantasy noir," you know there's going to be lots of "the seedy-side of Tinseltown" stuff. Among other research, I'm reading THE HOLLYWOOD BOOK OF SCANDALS by James Robert Parish right now. It does a good job of getting me into that noir groove and reminding me that the public definitely doesn't see everything that goes on "behind the scenes."

The book is divided into eras, and I've heard a lot of these stories before (Clara Bow, the Liz Taylor/Eddie Fisher/Debbie Reynolds love triangle, all about Rudolph Valentin0). But there are a few scandals I didn't know very well, such as the Clark Gable/Loretta Young secret baby situation. I'm really looking forward to reading about Errol Flynn, too. In fact, that should be some damned good reading.

So, there you go. Isn't research just awful?

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