Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Wycliffe, Texas

I'm getting some great emails about THE LAST COWBOY, so thank you *very* much for taking the time to write! Seriously, you don't know how much I appreciate it. One question that has popped up is this:
Will there be any sequels to THE MILLIONAIRE'S SECRET BABY and THE LAST COWBOY (both of which take place in Wycliffe, Texas)?
Right now, there are no plans, but I'll be working on new Special Edition ideas just as soon as I finish MIDNIGHT REIGN. I've always entertained thoughts of writing Carlota's story; after all, she is Felicia's and Emmylou's best friend and her psychic abilities make her intriguing. She's fun and feisty, too. I also had someone ask if Deston Rhodes' brother (from TMSB) could have his own story since he had this millionaire-and-the-poor-girl backstory where he fell in love with a maid on Oakvale but was thwarted in his efforts to marry her by Daddy Rhodes. Since the brother is now married to someone else, I'm not sure I'll be touching that one. Maybe just assuming that he decided to take the lessons from Deston's romance and apply them to his own marriage will work? : )

One more thing--my designer is in the process of posting the A Season of Authors contest, so that'll be appearing very soon. I apologize for the delay, but it'll be up in no time!

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