Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Final RT

Part 3 of the Romantic Times Report

Friday, May 19….

I have decreed this to be my “paranormal” day. I start by attending “The Allure of the Paranormal” workshop, which just happens to boast Deidre Knight among its numbers. I also get to hear Cheyenne McCray, Marjorie Liu, Cindy Cruciger, and MaryJanice Davidson impart words of wisdom. I have no idea how funny MaryJanice Davidson is until the panel gets into full swing. OMG, she almost made me bust a gut. And Deidre has a really interesting theory about the reason paranormal exploded in the U.S.: after 9/11, we as a society have been looking for epic scenarios in which heroes beat shadow forces. Paranormal gives us this larger-than-life fantasy and satisfaction.

Later that day, I drop in on the “Authors on Publicity” panel, where I find a very interesting option to use for my Vampire Babylon promo. I’m sold on the idea of getting a “book trailer” made for NIGHT RISING. Doesn’t that sound cool? It’s like a movie preview, but for a book. Get ready for it! Then I visit the last two paranormal panels: one about Time Travel and one about paranormal plus erotica. That one is especially interesting, with Laurell K. Hamilton waxing on about the need for character growth with every sex scene.
After a walk on the beach and a shower, it’s time for the Faery Ball. Unfortunately, Judy Duarte and I arrive just a couple minutes late, and there are no floggin’ chairs open for seating. Disappointing. We end up having to go down to the sports bar for appetizers and wine, but we meet up with some interesting and awesome readers, so the night improves vastly.

Saturday, May 20
Bookfair day! My temporary Vampire Babylon tattoos arrive just in time for the signing. It seems like there are hundreds of authors with pen in hand, ready to please the readers and buyers wandering the floor. There is so much choice it’s mind blowing. I find time to sneak off to Charlaine Harris’s table for a few autographed books (one will be going to a lucky fan when I give it away in a future contest). I also buy a couple novels from Jade Lee, who uses tantric energy as a basic premise for different paranormal stories. She’s super cool. So is Michele Hauf, fellow vampire and Bombshell writer. All in all, it’s a fun time. Afterward, Judy and I take off for Disneyworld, which is an adventure all in itself….

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