Monday, June 26, 2006

Short update

Well, I'm just about done with my Blaze vampire proposal. I've polished my pages, but I've yet to input the changes. I'm going to try to do that at the airport as I wait for my flight. (I'm just doing a little family traveling.) This past weekend, I also corrected my AAs (Author Alteration copies, AKA "galleys") for BAITED, my October Bombshell. (BTW, cool news. I've decided to hire COS Productions to do a "teaser" for BAITED. More on that as I get more information, but as of now, they have my synopsis and suggestions for a brief non-actor advertisement that'll be sent to viral stations for promotion.) Here's some news on that Blaze vampire proposal: it looks like it's going to come out in July, 2007! Perfect beach reading. It should be the first vampire Blaze in the "Extreme" miniseries.

What's next? A proposal for Special Edition. I'm suggesting a trilogy about a sort of "urban tribe" family that centers around a Laundromat; I'm calling the miniseries "The Suds Club." We'll see how it goes....

After that? Hopefully I'll have time to do another proposal for a paranormal story that's eating away at me. And then...BREAK OF DAWN, the third Vampire Babylon book!!!


Karmela Johnson said...

Hey lady, you sound busy! Lots of exciting things happening for you!

Crystal Green's Blog said...

Knock on wood!