Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Trailer for THE WICKER MAN

I had to post about this, because THE WICKER MAN is just one of those 70s-era movies that give you a physically ucky feeling after you finish watching it. In other words, I LOVE the film in all its disturbing, twisted, island-idyll-gone-to-hell glory. Very basically, the story concerns an upright policeman who comes to an island that seems locked in time; he's there to find a missing little girl. Bit by bit, the inspector solves the mystery, and the finale is massively horrible. This is a movie that leaves you with the heebie-jeebies not because there's gore galore, but because it's truly a nightmare.

Of course, Hollywood has decided to remake THE WICKER MAN, giving it the A-list treatment. Nic Cage stars and it's directed by Neil LaBute (IN THE COMPANY OF MEN--a genuinely bent movie in itself). Really, I've been curious about the remake, mostly because I want to see how badly Hollywood can mess *this* one up, even with the top-notch talents working on it. But...Neil LaBute. The man is good, and I want to have some faith here.

So, you all, the trailer is up and running on

It does look unsettling, but I defintely don't get the same atmospheric feel that permeated the original. The atmosphere was key to the success of the first WICKER MAN, so...I don't know. And Nic Cage's cop character? Where's the essential holier-than-thou attitude that originally made this character so fascinating? I'll see this new one, no doubts about it, but I wish they'd left this quiet classic alone, because the first WICKER MAN was a true horror gem.

If you haven't seen the 70s version, I highly highly suggest it if you love to get creeped out. See it before this new version, because I don't know how the eek! factor can be improved....

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