Sunday, July 09, 2006

Bookshelf: TEASE

I wasn't sure what kind of "erotic" stories the Spice line from Harlequin Silhouette would be publishing. Would the content go as far as Anias Nin's literary taboos? Would it compete with the naughty bits in the Black Lace or Ellora's Cave books?

Having read TEASE by Suzanne Forster, I'm still not sure where the lines will be drawn, but I have a better idea. I'd classify the content as "tasteful erotica," but who knows what the future holds? At any rate, I enjoyed TEASE because, at many points, I had no idea where this tale was going, and I liked the taut suspense of that.

TEASE is about an ad agency woman who is willing to give her all to succeed in her job. In fact, Tess Wakefield's career is really all she has at this point: her sex life is nil (except for some creative yoga positions she's modified for interesting purposes) and her social life is nothing to speak of since she's just relocated from California to New York. But when she meets her professional nemesis, Danny Gabriel, her perception goes topsy-turvy: one night, he takes her to a strange sex club that features dark fantasies, and Tess can't be sure of anything anymore.

I really like Forster's voice: it's lively and accessible, and her creative details about the ad agency and the club make TEASE a fun read. I also loved guessing who was doing what to whom--it left me feeling just like Tess: a bit confused in this new, wild world.

I'll definitely be picking up more Spice books if they live up to this read....

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