Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Comic-Con is coming!!!

It's almost here.
Yes, next week it rolls around again--the mecca for geeks, the ultimate gathering for people who love pop culture...
Comic-Con San Diego!

This year I'm actually doing some business there; bookmarks, postcards, and temporary tattoos for my upcoming Vampire Babylon series will be available at the freebie table. I'm going to freak out if I see people wearing the tattoos (Wouldn't that be awesome?). Also, I'm going to be "networking" with some contacts, so that should be interesting.

Most of all, though, I'll be there to absorb all the craziness and gossip. I'm going to try very, very hard to blog each night when I get home, Thursday through Sunday. I'll be exhausted, yes, but quite often at the Con, movie studios show previews and make big announcements at their presentations. I want to share all that excitement with you guys, so wish me luck and energy!

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