Thursday, July 20, 2006

Comic-Con, part 1/2

Remember when I said I'd post about Comic-Con every night? Well, I'm beat, you all, since I just walked home from my San Diego Trolley stop and helped my nephew get to sleep by telling him Superman stories. Since there's nothing pressing to report from today's panels I hope you'll forgive me for putting it off. I'm hoping to have more juice tomorrow, since some of the bigger workshops will be presented.

One interesting thing though--if you're in town for the Con, stop by the Silhouette booth (#831). There, you'll get free books and even a sample first few chapters of a Nocturne launch! It's real cool, and I'm planning to stop by to see Nancy Holder (Bombshell) tomorrow morning--if the lines allow (and that's one thing about this year's Con: the crowd has increased exponentially from two years ago. The trend started last year and I'm not loving these lines I have to wait in. Bwah!).

Until later...

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