Monday, July 17, 2006


If you want to read about a real-life Bombshell, pick up a memoir by Terri Jentz called STRANGE PIECE OF PARADISE. The premise is chilling: On June 22, 1977, Terri and her friend Shayna decided to spend their summer vacation away from Yale on a bike trek across America. They’d just started their journey in Oregon when one night, while camping, a pick up crashed into their tent and ran them over. Then a man emerged from the darkness with a hatchet, which he used to chop them up. During his quiet frenzy, Terri weakly asked him to leave and…he did. Just like that, with no further violence. Somehow, both women survived this brutal attack, and after physically healing, Terri convinced herself that she was mentally okay, too.

But that wasn’t quite the case. While Shayna’s injuries brought on a case of amnesia, Terri was fully conscious of what had happened that night, and it haunted her. In fact, she realized it was necessary for her peace of mind to find out who had attempted to kill her and why. The rest of the book is about Terri’s efforts to discover the identity of her attacker, and the results are horrifying, revealing a human monster running around free in a small community that doesn’t quite know what to do with him.

Terri is a Bombshell because she doesn’t quit in the face of adversity. And, in the end, she doesn’t just make a difference in her own life—she struggles to make this world a safer place for everyone. Her sacrifices and trials are an inspirational testament to the power of the soul, and reading this book showed me a light in the darkness. So often it’s easy to think that society is going the way of extinction, but people like Terri are doing their best to battle this perception.

So…STRANGE PIECE OF PARADISE. Definitely worth your time.


Sasha White said...

Wow, It sounds scary and engrossing and wonderful at the same time. Wonderful in the way it showed you the light type thing.

I just dropped by to check and make sure you were heading to Atlanta.:)

Crystal Green's Blog said...

Yup, I'll be in Hotlanta! See ya there, Gypsy. ; )