Saturday, August 26, 2006

1/4 of the way!

It feels as if I just started the third book in my Vampire Babylon series, but I'm actually a quarter of the way finished. Cool! As usual, I'm freaking out while writing about Dawn Madison and the vampire underground her "team" is hunting. You guys won't have any idea what I'm talking about right now, but come February, when NIGHT RISING hits the shelves, you'll be familiar with Dawn, the ex-stuntwoman whose life takes a turn for the weird when her father goes missing in L.A., and her coworkers. One team member is a psychic/empath named Kiko Daniels, but he's also a "little person" actor who's struggling to make it in Tinseltown. The other coworker is Breisi Montoya, a Mexican-American techo-geek who's hiding some vulnerable secrets behind her quiet, rock-solid exterior. And then there's "the boss," a mysterious guy who refuses to show himself to the team (As Dawn says upon first "meeting" him, he's pulling a "Charlie's Angels" act...but she's not exactly dealing with a regular "Charlie" here. Not even close.).

Writing about these continuing characters is a big challenge, even though you'd think it'd be easier to jump into each story because I'm familiar with my cast. But every book has forced such changes in these people that I don't feel "stable." That's actually a good thing, because this means my buddies are experiencing arcs. But it makes me nervous, too, because I'm not always sure what's around the corner for them. Yes, I do have the plots planned out, but during the writing process, surprises always pop up--surprises that even take me aback every once in a while.

Okay then. I'm off to write chapter 8....


Y said...

Wow, you've already got me hooked on this storyline and the characters you mentioned... can't wait!

And isn't it great when things like that happen while you're writing a novel? Yeah, it can be a little scary not knowing what's up ahead, but so EXCITING. ;)

Have a GREAT writing weekend.

Crystal Green's Blog said...

Thanks, Y! You're the best. :)

Hope you had a good weekend, too.