Saturday, August 19, 2006

An experiment with Savannah pix

Here you see my digital camera pix from Savannah--all three of them!!! I know--most awesome picture taker ever. I captured only three images because my battery died and I'd forgotten to bring my charger. Hey, it was enough to remember my phone charger, guys!

At any rate, picture one shows the outside of the Colonial Cemetery. See the Spanish moss-laden trees? Don't stand under them because you'll get all bit up by chiggers. Believe me.
Picture two shows the Mercer-Williams house, which plays a big part in MIDNIGHT IN THE GARDEN OF GOOD AND EVIL. "The murder" was committed here. Jim Williams restored this place (one of many), and it's interesting to see his eclectic tastes play out in the decor.
Picture three is a closer view of the cemetery. Call me strange, but I love to sit in graveyards to reflect on the town I'm visiting. Reading the headstones always provides great insight into the culture and history, too. For instance, you've got some dueling victims in this cemetery. And I found out that during the Civil War, Union troops are said to have vandalized some gravestones, messing with the death dates. Rumor has it that they also emptied some of the crypts of the bodies to seek shelter during a rough winter. Yow.

I'll be back at another time to give you better details about my short but wonderful stay in Savannah!

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