Saturday, August 12, 2006

More RWA

So Friday rolled around, and the parties began in earnest.

First, there was the Blaze birthday bash--five years old! Yea, Blaze! (And really, I think the line gets cooler all the time. I love the time travels and paranormals and gothics we're seeing.) Some new covers were posted on the walls--beautiful stuff--and Brenda Chin gave a nice speech then cut the cake. The best part was meeting and catching up with fellow Blaze writers and, of course, readers. There were lots of free books and I got to sign some of them. Meeting you enthusiastic readers is definitely one of the best parts of the job!

Then, more workshops (which I won't bore you with) and to dinner with my Special Edition and Bombshell editor, Susan Litman! We went to a restaurant (shoot, forgot the name) with absolutely delicious stuffed manicotti, chocolate cake, and tiramisu. Um, yum? (BTW, when you hear the word, "manicotti," do you also think of Carmine from LAVERNE AND SHIRLEY singing that weird song to the tune of "Mona Lisa"? Remember that? No? Man, I'm weird.) We gabbed about things we're both passionate about, such as LOST, comic books, movies, and writing. (Duh, right?) And, see, this is another wonderful thing about conference--just chatting with your editors and realizing they're normal people who don't bite, LOL.

And off to the Harlequin party we went. It was at the lovely Ritz Carlton. Let me tell you, H/S didn't disappoint once again. Their parties are the golden ticket of the conference. Not only can you see Nora Roberts dancing the night away, but you get to see everyone dressed to the nines. I, myself, wore a little throwback dress: black with pink polka dots and a crinoline, topped by a halter bodice. My strappy pumps were slammin'. Heh. I love those pumps, even though they kill my tootsies. As I mentioned before, Gena Showalter and Jill Monroe were present to entertain me--if you're at a party with them, you are guaranteed great fun. And my friends Renee and Sasha were CRAZY, somehow entrapping me and forcing me to be a little party monster, too. I'm so impressionable. I even got to chat with OCC-RWA friends whom I haven't seen in a long time since I moved out of California. Sob. Mindy and Sandy, you guys are great!

The next day was a big one, as I had lunch with THE Pamela Harty, my agent, plus Julie Ramsey, our agency's PR person. We brainstormed about PR opportunities regarding Vampire Babylon. If I can do half of what's on my strategy list, I'll be amazed. Hmmm...can anyone out there clone me? Seriously. I'll put aside some money for it. Oh, and BTW, we ate at Ted's Montana Grill, which was incredible. I had the best creamed spinach you could ever hope for, and the salmon was...oh.

At this point, I was pretty overwhelmed with the whole conference vibe, and I'd have to drive to Savannah--a four hour trek--the next day.

So I crashed. Sorry.

But stay tuned for some Savannah talk next blog....


Y said...

Sounds like you had a terrific time at RWA! Thanks for sharing.

Crystal Green's Blog said...

Any time, y!!!