Monday, August 14, 2006


Instead of talking about Savannah, Georgia, today, I thought I should post something far more timely. A travelogue can wait in light of the today's news that Silhouette's Bombshell line has been discontinued and will stop publishing books after January, 2007.

This is really awful for fans and writers alike. I'd created two stories for this line, which features kick-ass women in super mode. In Bombshells, you could read about a spy, a professor who protects artifacts, a special forces operative, a vampire hunter, or even an Everywoman who finds herself in a demanding and testing situation. My first Bombshell, THE HUNTRESS (January, 2005), was that vamp slayer. My second, BAITED (coming out in October, 2006), featured that Everywoman--a marine park pearl diver who must survive a serial killer after her diving party crashes on a remote island. Writing these stories has opened up so many new avenues for me as an individual; it was through Bombshell that I found a challenge and a home for my dark side.

As a reader, I'm doubly disheartened. These are damned good single-title books. It's just too bad they didn't "belong" in any easy category. Where do you shelve stories that don't necessarily have a happy ending for the heroine (or maybe there's a hopeful ending)? In the romance section? Or do you take a chance on putting them with mainstream novels, where stories aren't guaranteed shelf space as they are in the romance category section?

I do hope Bombshell finds new life, a reincarnation of packaging and distribution, because these truly are amazing books across the board. I was really proud to write for this line, so I'm still hopeful something good will come out of the "Bombshell experiment."

In the meantime, I'll be enjoying the remaining releases, right up until they're gone.


Y said...

This is so sad. Such bad news. I LOVE the Bombshell line. It's full of interesting and terrific stories. I don't understand what went wrong... I've enjoyed every Bombshell I've read. They're all so good!

I hope the line doesn't disappear entirely. :(

Crystal Green's Blog said...

Thanks, Yolanda. I'll pass your sentiments on to the other authors. We're all trying to figure out what went wrong, too. :)