Thursday, August 10, 2006

RWA continued

Before I go into Wednesday at RWA, I wanted to first show you the cover for Alison Kent's INFATUATION, book 3 of the Blaze For a Good Time Call... miniseries!

Love that card.

Now, for Wednesday, when a bunch of Blaze authors and Brenda Chin went a-horse riding. I'm not an experienced rider by any stretch of the imagination (though, years ago, I did take a few lessons for a book I was writing called THE STRANGER SHE MARRIED). Therefore, I was hoping, hoping, praying, praying I wouldn't get a hyper horse. Naturally, I did. I knew there'd be difficulty when ol' Jackie kept wandering farther and farther away from the group as we waited for everyone to saddle up. Jackie just would not listen to the moronic girl on her back. I must say that I can't blame Jackie for testing me, because I essentially had zero confidence as a horse master. I mean, yeesh, I just wanted to plop onto a horse and have it follow the butt of the one in front of it! That's all!

Anyway, after we entered a meadow on the way to the trail, Jackie decided to really start performing. Picture this: the group effortlessly meandering along the meadow and me about one hundred yards away, trying to get freakin' Jackie to go back to the other horsies. Our guide had to ride out and bring me back. Instead of hiding my face in mortification, I instead executed a pretty good Miss America wave to my cohorts. Oh, and can I tell you that Brenda Chin, my Blaze editor, was watching? Way to prove that I'm not a total dork.

Like, five minutes later, Jackie started going off again, and the guide had me switch out with a better rider, namely Brenda. Banished to the back of the line, I made friends with Melanie, my new horse. She was a nibbler, but it was nothing compared to Jackie the scamp. Brenda handled her really well...until IT happened.

We came to a stream and our horses had to step over a log or something. That's when Jackie decided to JUMP. Well, of course, Brenda wasn't ready so there were a few worrisome moments with my editor trying to get off the horse while her foot was stuck in a stirrup. Of course, Super Brenda did her magic and recovered like a pro. She even said afterward that it was no big deal (IT WAS!) and continued the ride with nary a complaint. Truly, she was amazing.

Afterward we all went to lunch and I had some yummy waffle fries. Basically, it's French fries woven together so they resemble a little waffle and then smothered in nacho cheese and cheddar cheese. I'm a total pig.

Then the literacy signing came around, and it was a chance for me to catch up with many a friend. Viva la conference!

Next: the Harlequin party and Friday's happenings

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