Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Okay, Savannah will be coming, but I'm inspired to write about this subject today. Indulge me, please, pretty please?

As most of you know, after I write my chapter in the morning, I go to the gym to shake off the writer's spread, then return home to attend to other business. By the time dinner rolls around, I'm ready to mentally shut down. I'm talking about zombie-like shut down, too. My favorite way to do that lately is to watch SMALLVILLE: season one on DVD.

And I'm totally obsessed.

Truly, I haven't felt like this since ALIAS was on. I await each disk from Netflix with held breath, and when I received my bounty last night in the mail, I actually hopped up and down like a dork.

But let's talk SMALLVILLE. Heaven knows why I haven't been watching it--I'm pretty sure it's always been on during other programs and by the time I wanted to get into it, I felt like I wouldn't be able to catch up on the storylines. Hence, I'm trying to watch all five seasons before the year six premiere in late-September. Good luck, me. But can I tell you how much I'm dying to know what's going to happen next? How DARE they leave me with Clark running into that twister to save Lana (yet again. Oy.). And what's going to happen beween Lex and his weird daddy? Oh, and poor Chloe, being ditched at the prom by Clark--you totally knew that was going to happen.

Shall we discuss some of my favorite things about SMALLVILLE?
1. The odd friendship between Lex and Clark.
Every time these two have a scene together, there's an exquisite balance between the dramatic irony of what the audience already knows about the future and what is happening at the present. The sly dialogue references are awesome.
2. Lex.
How cool is it that one of the biggest villains in the comic world is trying to make good? My God, when that old oracle woman had that vision about Lex's future (then died because of the image's horrific content).... Wow. I actually got a shiver up my spine when blood rained down on Lex. In the meantime, my heart breaks as he tries to become his own super man...or at least a better man than anyone expects him to be. An excellent foil for Clark. An excellent build up to a terrible, inevitable outcome, too.
3. And that brings us to...Clark.
Tom Welling. 'nuf said.
4. The sense of humor.
The creators are ON, baby. The color symbolism, using red, yellow, and blue. Clark's wardrobe (and even "Superboy"'s red-shirted wardrobe during the episode in which Clark lost his powers when they were transferred to Shaun Ashmore). All of it is good for a knowing chuckle. I also liked Papa Kent listening to the DUKES OF HAZZARD theme in his truck. Heh.

And how about things that are wearing on my nerves?
1. Lana. Just Lana.
Come on. Yes, she's beautiful, but she's not the shining center of the universe, Clark. When Whitney's dad was hospitalized, do you think maybe you should've expressed sympathy to Whitney himself instead of concentrating on Lana? ("Does Lana know your dad's in the hospital?" WHO CARES?) And, seriously, if Lana is dumb enough to sit in a truck instead of hiding in a deep ditch when a massive twister comes around, please allow her to perish. Okay, that's harsh, but it's only season one and I'm already sick of her character.

Ob. Sessed. I can't wait for my season two disks!


Karmela Johnson said...

When you get to the Smallville parts with Jensen Ackles (sigh...), post again, 'kay? That man is/was the only reason I ever watched Smallville. And the reason I watch Supernatural.

Crystal Green's Blog said...

Can't wait, Karm! I remember Jensen from DAYS OF OUR LIVES.