Monday, August 28, 2006

Tah-tah ENTOURAGE-ah

I know some of you out there watch HBO's ENTOURAGE. Yeah, you. You enjoy all the snarky little references to real-life Hollywood gossip. You love Ari Gold the agent and his snake-oil ways. But did you like last the season finale?

I think I did. And I only say I "think" because I'm still not sure. The episode flew by for me, and all the business dodging and feinting by Ari as he attempted to secure a big movie deal for his client, Vince, was really inspired. But the ending left me sort of cold. I mean, who are they kidding in making us think that ENTOURAGE is going to leave Ari out of Vince's everyday life next year? The man just won an Emmy last night, for Heaven's sake, and he's the heart of that show. He's the reason I watch, to tell you the truth. Sure, maybe they're setting Ari up as the "begging guy" or the man who's going to try to win Vince and the boys back into his good graces, but I'm not that excited about this development. I like my Ari naughty and ethically challenged, not redeemed.

Or maybe the ending felt lifeless because it was truly depressing: Vince, our "hero," is at a low point in a career that looked to be gaining strength and superstar power. Ugh, sucker punched by life.

I can't wait six moths, HBO. Gimme my Ari back soon....


Karmela Johnson said...

I like my Ari naughty and ethically challenged, not redeemed.

In the words of Ari, A-fucking-men! I want my Ari back too! Hehe, I just had a conversation with Deidre tonight where she uttered these Ari-like words: "You're gonna be a star, Karmela!" All I could think of in the back of my mind was...

"Microsoft. Apple.

Karmela Johnson."


I loved the final ep. I don't think Ari will come crawling back. I think maybe it'll be a mutual thing. Ari realizes he's half the man he is without Vince, and Vince's career is a shadow of what it was w/o Ari.

I wonder if that's what happened to Marky Mark after he did "The Italian Job?"

Crystal Green's Blog said...

LOL, Karm--about Ari and Marky Mark. I hope next season has as many twists as this last one did, and that could mean ENTOURAGE will take this development in totally unexpected directions. Fingers crossed!