Sunday, September 17, 2006

Going to contract again

Couple of little updates here....

First, last month's contest winner has confirmed. Congratulations to Richard Degler! I hope you all have entered this month's contest, because there are some very good Bombshells in the prize package.

Next, I'm finally able to announce my latest sale because I just signed the contract. (I don't like to shout out the news until things are official.) I'll be writing the third book in the next Montana Mavericks continuity series for Special Edition! I'll be developing my story, which has to do with unrequited love (Those are sweet.), after I finish this third Vampire Babylon book. What a switch, huh? But that's what keeps me on my toes with writing. The book's tentative title is THE BEST MAN, and I believe it's scheduled for September, 2007. This means I could very well have six new releases next year--if my second Vampire Babylon book (MIDNIGHT REIGN) is slotted later in 2007. Here's a quick look at the schedule as it stands:

February, 2007
NIGHT RISING, Book 1 in the Ace Vampire Babylon series (Chris Marie Green)
JINXED!, Harlequin Blaze (Crystal Green)

April, 2007 (subject to change)
THE PLAYBOY TAKES A WIFE, Silhouette Special Edition (Crystal Green)

July, 2007
THE ULTIMATE BITE, Harlequin Blaze (Crystal Green)

September, 2007
THE BEST MAN, Silhouette Special Edition/Montana Mavericks (Crystal Green)

Possibly MIDNIGHT REIGN, Book 2 in the Ace Vampire Babylon series (Chris Marie Green)

This means BREAK OF DAWN, Book 3 in the Vampire Babylon series would come out sometime in 2008.

Hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend!


Y said...

CONGRATS on the latest sale! That's quite a few releases for next year. Looks like 2007's gonna be a good one for you! :)

I CAN'T wait to read your vamp series!

Have a GREAT day!

Karmela Johnson said...

Holy canoli, how do you do it? Your productivity is downright Nora-ish!

Crystal Green's Blog said...

Y, thanks again. It's funny because scheduling can make or break a year. In 2006, I had three releases. Ya never know.

And, Karm, don't I wish a Nora-ish factor entered into my business equation! I'd be in Italy right now, plugging away on my laptop in a hotel room and eating like a monstah the rest of the time. :)